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This is a jade roller with additional functions.

- LED Light therapy

- Heat

- Vibration

- USB Rechargable 


An at-home facial massage can work very well with getting rid of puffiness and leave you looking flushed and alive and it’s also an excellent stress reliever and mood elevator.

Jade rolling has been a common practice in China for centuries and has recently become more common in other countries. A 2018 study found there’s increased blood flow in your skin 10 minutes after a five-minute facial massage. This can help more nutrients get into your skin.

Most skin care products do not effectively penetrate the skin and mainly sit on the top layer of the skin. Here's the clever bit; the combination of vibration and LED lights together improves the penetration of products into the skin by 40%.


This is a non invasive, painfree option that can be added to your skin routine and delivers noticable results. Use daily for 2 minutes for maximum benefits. 


Vibrating, LED, USB Rechargeable Jade Roller

£45.00 Regular Price
£22.50Sale Price
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