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Course 1 - Foundation Botulinum Type A Skills. CPD Accredited £699

This course is designed for healthcare professionals who want to enter the field of aesthetic medicine. It's a comprehensive course that covers all the available popular botulinum toxins on the market for the upper face, leading to direct 1:1 supervision when treating your first patient.

The course also covers complication management as well as all the necessary information for your aesthetic start up. 


Course 2 - Advanced Dermal Filler Shadowing £250

This is offered to advanced medical practitioners who want to sharpen their skills with 1:1 shadowing. You can choose the area of practice you wish to improve, bring your own live model and I will guide you through the process. Lip Filler treatment is not included in this offer.

Course 3 - Advanced Non-surgical Rhinoplasty Shadowing. £300

Whether you're looking to improve on your existing skills and sharpen your technique, or to get back into practice, this course will help you refresh your skills. Bring your own live model and I will guide you with 1:1 supervision so you can get back to practice and achieve great results.

Course 4 - Advanced Dermal Lip Filler Enhancements. CPD Accredited £799

Lip filler treatment has become extremely popular across all ages. However what a young lady may wish to achieve is very different to what a mature lady may request. In this course you will learn how to treat different age groups, analyse lip textures, create natural as well as glamorous looks. The course covers 12 different lip techniques including the popular Russian lip technique.

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