Botulinum Toxin Type A

Butulinum toxin a is produced by several companies under different brand names such as Botox, Dysport, Bocouture and Azelure. Botox is probably the most recognised brand of this category and is an Allergan product. Botulinum toxin A is a neurotoxin and is used in aesthetics treatments as a muscle relaxant. It is only used in very small and exact amounts, in precise muscles to achieve the desired effects.

The Botox used for medical purposes has been produced in a lab under strict conditions. It has been used in thousands of patients for over twenty years. It is a cheaper and less invasive treatment than surgery.

Although it is less invasive, you should only ever receive this treatment from a trained aesthetics medical practitioner.

It usually takes at least 72 hours to take effect and up to two week for the full effects to develop. You may need a follow up appointment after two weeks.

New patients might need 3-4 treatments in a year. It requires less to relax the muscle after that, so the frown lines can be maintained after that with 2-3 treatments per year.

If you are pregnant or nursing, or if you have any neurological disorders, you should not receive this treatment. There may also be medications that you are taking preventing you from the treatments.

A full consultation is carried out before this treatment is prescribed for. The consultation usually takes around 20-30 minutes during which all the effects and side effects of the treatment are discussed and you will have an opportunity to ask questions.

Botulinium Toxin or Botox adminstration