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Helps eliminate brown spots and evens skin tone such as age spots (seniles lentigos), pregnancy mask (melasmas), and all brown spots associated with inflammatory skin lesions.Corrects hyperpigmentation of the skin for a uniform complexion thanks to its unique patented formula which acts at every stage of the melanogenesis process. Contains a powerful mixture of Pekaline, Vitamin C,Niacinamide (Vitamin PP) and Glycolic acid. Preservative and Paraben free. See ingredients list for full details.

Cebelia Reinforced Depigmenting 30ml

  • Pekaline

    • Inhibits PKA
    • Acidifies the pH and thus disturbs catalytic reactions within melanosomes

    Vitamin C

    • Anti-oxidizing: palliates the superficial colour of oxidized melanin
    • Inhibits the secretion of tyrosinase and its activity by sequestration of CU2+ ions and consequently the melanin production

    Niacinamide (Vitamin PP)

    • Active form of vitamin B3. It is water-soluble and corresponds to two molecules: niacine (nicotinic acid) and its amide nicotinamide
    • Inhibits transfer of melanosomes (produced by the melanocytes) to the keratinocytes and thus controls pigmentation

    Glycolic Acid

    • Belongs to the alpha hydroxyle acids (AHA) family generally called fruit acids. Glycolic acid originates from sugarcane
    • Restores radiance, diminishes the size of the pores and pigment irregularities (spots)
    • Exfoliating activity with elimination of existing spots

    This formula is paraben and phenoxyethanol free.

  • Apply once or twice daily on affected areas after thorough cleansing (during a minimum of 2 months), then apply your day cream or sunscreen.

    It is imperative to use a sun cream (SPF 30+) during the day.

    For sensitive skin, progressive use is recommended: once daily or every two days during the first week, gradually increasing each week up to 2 applications per day.


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