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What is a Nefertiti Botox Neck Lift?

In my previous blog about Botulinum Toxin aka Botox beyond wrinkles I touched up on the Nefertiti neck lift. Since then I have had the treatment done on my neck and did a story on instagram about it which was surprisingly popular and prompted me to write this!.

The procedure takes its name from the famous Egyptian queen Nefertiti known for her elongated neck.

How's the procedure preformed?

A Nefertiti lift is a temporary way to restore a youthful look without surgery, it's performed with botulinum toxin injections in the lower part of the face, jaw, and neck.The practitioner targets the Platysma bands and neck muscles that run vertically from the bottom of the face to the collarbone.


These injections results in relaxation of the neck bands and muscles which has the following effects:

  • Reduce the sagging in the lower face (jawls)

  • Create a sharper and more defined jawline

  • Reduce the so called tech lines (previously known as necklace lines ;-))

  • Reduce the neck folds.

What's the procedure like?

The procedure involves a consultation with your practitioner. to discuss goals, expectation and determine suitability. In this session a physical examination is also preformed and your full medical and family history is obtained.

The actual procedure itself involves injections of botulinum toxin using a small needle in the bands and muscles of the neck. This takes around 30 minutes and is not painful (take this from the worst patient ever, me!!).


The results take between14-28 days to fully develop and can last between 4-6 months in my experience. I hope this has helped. I have included a photo of my work from 2018 for you to see and there are more on my instagram for you to see.

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