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What are Skin boosters and how can they change your skin? A collagen boost from within.

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

a woman with two hand made of water around her face.
skin booster

Skin boosters have become incredibly popular in the past 10 years thanks to the emergence of products such as Profhilo, Sunekos and seventy hyal. These days there seems to be a new skin booster on the market every month and clients are spoiled for choice when it comes to these products.

Skin boosters contain a high concentration of hyaluronic acid and freely disperse under the skin to effectively moisturise, plump and hydrate.

Clients love the glow and radiance skin boosters produce immediately and how in long term they can truly change the skin from within by stimulating collagen and elastin production.

Hydrating & Collagen Boosting Treatments with Skinboosters

The most generous concentration of BDDE-free Hyaluronic acid is used to intensely hydrate the skin and combat laxity. Free Hyaluronic acid disperses easily in the skin and not only boosts hydration but also activates skin's own fibroblasts in generating more collagen and elastin.

Several different products are available such as NCTF135HA, Dermaqual, SuneKos, Profhilo, Belotero Revive, Stylage Hydro and Hydromax and the latest addition Revoke50.

Your skin needs will be evaluated and discussed with you during the consultation and based on that a suitable product will be selected for your treatment.

Face, Neck, Décolletage and Hands can all be treated use this fantastic treatment.

Hydrate with Profhilo or MHA18 - Using 3.5% ultra concentrated, non-crosslinked Hyaluronic acid these products are formulated to plump the skin, fight fine lines & wrinkles, minimise pores and intensely hydrate the skin. The bio-revitalisation effects continue to work for months to come and help your skin stay beautiful.

Revoke50 is the latest skin booster on the market and contains 50mg of hyaluronic acid per syringe.

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