Prebiotic cream with a fresh feel, with regenerating and anti-oxidant action.

A formula that combines the nourishing strength of a cream with the gentle touch of a serum. It performs an anti-oxidant**, regenerating and nourishing action on the skin*. When used on a regular basis it stimulates cellular longevity** and helps eliminate harmful toxins for the skin with a detoxifying action.

The Active Ingredients:

Pre-Dibiotic: A powerful prebiotic, selective nutrient for the skin, that acts as a skin restorer, promoting resistance to external aggression.

Matrikines: The peptides of youth, cellular messengers that stimulate the production of collagen and help to repair damaged skin.

Vitamin C: Recognized anti-ageing and antioxidant active ingredient that also serves to regulate the production of melanin, the cause of skin spots.

Plant Oils: Softening and nourishing.

Rediscover the beauty of your skin from the very first application. Your skin will be soothed, regenerated, smooth and impeccable. The innovation of the airless jar for the self-care cream provides optimal product conservation, protection from light, oxidation and microbe contamination, and prevents product waste.

Oxy-age regenerating* cream serum 50ml