The deep acting amalian® High Potency Face Cream is based on the highly active hyaluron-lecithin complex. It is enriched with highly effective natural ingredients, Vitamins and antioxidants, and slows down skin aging. Ideally suited as day and night care for demanding skin. It compensates moisture loss in dry skin and slows down collagen degradation.

Main Active Ingredients

  • Hyaluronic acid-lecithin complex: deep acting
  • Phytosterols: complements epidermal lipids and exerts a moisturizing effect in cases of photo-damage induced skin aging
  • Urea Factor (NMF): is an important component of the "Natural Moisturizing Factor" and improves the moisture retention capacity
  • Jojoba oil: contains Vitamin A and D and has a natural sun protection factor of 3 - 4
  • Ascorbyl palmitate: supports collagen formation and is a radical scavenger, lightens pigmented spots
  • Panthenol: anti-inflammatory and skin protecting
  • Macadamia glycerides: are intensely skin caring

amalian High Potency Face Cream 50ml

  • Use

    Gently apply to face, neck and décolleté after cleansing.

  • Other Ingredients

    aqua, caprylic/capric triglyceride, methyl glucose sesquistearate, cera alba (beeswax), glyceryl stearate, cetearyl alcohol, plant sterol ester, silica, phenoxyethanol, tocopheryl acetate, sodium hyaluronate, xanthan gum, inulin, benzyl alcohol, glycerin, benzoic acid, sorbic acid, ascorbic acid, perfume.

    Quantity: 50ml


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